Capcom to release ‘multiple major new titles’ in FY2021, Resident Evil series has sold 98M units

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The good news just keeps pouring in with Capcom since it began releasing its financial results for the fiscal year. We previously reported that the company posted record-high profits for the third consecutive year. We also noted how, at least at present, the company still expects the Monster Hunter movie to release in September. And now, according to its presentation outlining company strategy for the next fiscal year, Capcom plans to release “multiple major new titles.” Specific franchises like Resident Evil or Mega Man aren’t cited, but it’s enough to warrant excited speculation.

Capcom major titles, total franchise sales, and esports ambitions

It was revealed last September that the next major Mega Man title for development had been decided, though no further details were given. Additionally, rumors are currently piling up at a blistering rate about not-officially-announced Resident Evil 8. It’s not unreasonable that we might hear from these titles this year.

Additionally, per, Capcom has revealed revised lifetime sales totals for many of its major franchises. Resident Evil has reached a truly awesome 98 million units sold, and the financial fun doesn’t stop there. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Resident Evil franchise: 98 million units sold (The Resident Evil 3 remake has sold over 2.5 million units since its April release.)
  • Monster Hunter franchise: 63 million units sold
  • Street Fighter franchise: 44 million units sold
  • Mega Man franchise: 36 million units sold
  • Devil May Cry franchise: 22 million units sold
  • Dead Rising franchise: 13 million units sold

For fiscal year 2021, Capcom’s goal is to achieve a new record of 28 million total units sold. The company intends to do this by (1) releasing the aforementioned major new games, (2) promoting “digital strategy via expansion of sales regions and flexible pricing,” and (3) emphasizing additional sales of previously released major titles.

The company also has an interest in expanding its esports presence. Capcom separately stated that there are plans to found an “Esports Academy” (tentative title, of course), whose purpose will be “training professional players as well as to establish regional teams and leagues for female players.”

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