Capcom has fans wondering if an original Resident Evil trilogy remaster is coming

Capcom Resident Evil Twitter original Resident Evil trilogy remaster PS1 PlayStation 1 Resident Evil 2 3

Despite a severe and malicious hack, Capcom is basically operating at the peak of its ability these days, with Mega Man, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Ghosts ‘n Goblins(?!), and Resident Evil all delivering the goods. As we previously reported, a Resident Evil Showcase is coming next Thursday, and Capcom’s Resident Evil Twitter has been hyping the event via some interesting tweets. As Rely on Horror first noted, the Twitter account is sharing some brief clips of item menus from the original Resident Evil trilogy on PlayStation 1 (plus subsequent games) — but there are some slight differences from the original games that have fans wondering if the clips are actually from soon-to-be-announced remasters.

Clips used for Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 menus on Twitter offer some slight differences, such as a missing character portrait for Jill in the original game. However, as Rely on Horror helpfully illustrates in a side-by-side comparison, the Resident Evil 3 menu especially offers a lot of differences that fuel the remaster theory.

Capcom Resident Evil Twitter original Resident Evil trilogy remaster PS1 PlayStation 1 Resident Evil 2 3

The inventory space has been expanded to seemingly allow 14 items, up from the maximum of 10 in the original Resident Evil 3. Plus, text sizes have been reworked, the image takes up a lot more space, and Gun Powder B is just Gun Powder.

Granted, none of this is a slam dunk that a Resident Evil trilogy remaster is in the works by any means. It really could be that someone at Capcom went through all the trouble to put together these mock-ups as one-off marketing materials. However, why someone would do that instead of just capturing a few seconds of genuine footage from the original games is unclear.

If the Resident Evil Showcase were to reveal Resident Evil trilogy remasters, it would surely make a lot of Capcom fans happy, especially if it comes to Nintendo Switch. And if not, well… Resident Evil Village looks pretty cool.


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