Capcom unveils half scale Devil May Cry statue

Devil May Cry

For an as-of-yet-unknown price, your living room can feature Dante from Devil May Cry. The statue, which Capcom unveiled during their Tokyo Game Show 2020 livestream, is half scale (AKA: really big) and insanely detailed. Preorders will open sometime this year in Japan, and Capcom currently plans to sell the towering figure until spring 2022.

Assembled by Prime 1 Studio, this Devil May Cry statue is part of the company’s HD Museum Master Line. While the price is technically a big, fat “TBD” right now, you can hazard a guess of around $2000 or higher. That comes from the incredible detail, the hefty size, and, most importantly, the prices of other HD Museum Master Line pieces, which start at – you guessed it – $2000.

This Devil May Cry statue would be a great, albeit expensive, ornament in any series fan’s home. Personally, I’d be too nervous owning something this expensive, as it just seems too vulnerable to survive my own innate clumsiness knocking it over. A $2000(?) statue is one thing, but a broken$2000 statue is a whole different deal. But hey, if you find yourself with a demon problem any time soon, the statute could probably pay for itself before too long.

Are you a fan of Devil May Cry? Is this half scale Dante statute something you need in your life, or would you rather save a couple of grand (you could, for example, buy several dozen copies the excellent Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition)? Let us know what you think of the statute and its potential price in the comments.


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