Capcom Confirms Monster Hunter Localisation!

But which Monster Hunter could it be?


Capcom continues to tease Monster Hunter fans, by confirming a Monster Hunter title will be localised for the west…

\”…your request is simple enough: Yes, it’s been confirmed that we are getting a game. \”What it is\” and \”when we\’ll know more\” are the parts I can\’t share.\” – Yuri L Alaujo Associate Online/Community Specialist

The question is, what Monster Hunter could it be? We are overdue the 3DS’s Monster Hunter 3G, but are getting to the point where it may be too late for this version. Monster Hunter 4 is confirmed to be releasing Spring 2013, and if Capcom have been proactive with localisation it wouldn\’t be too out of the question for a summer release.

However, to give you one more option, there are two rumours that point towards a Wii U Monster Hunter…

  • Rumour 1: Capcom’s secret Wii U project is \”Monster Hunter 3 Unite\”
  • Rumour 2: There is a secret Wii U title that is very good looking and could make launch.

These rumours would explain why Capcom have been dropping the ball by not bringing Monster Hunter 3G over!

For the lastest screens of Monster Hunter 4, check out our gallery!

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