Capcom Announce EX-Troopers for 3DS

Capcom have announced a new action shooting game for PS3 and 3DS titled EX Troopers….

The game is being producer by Monster Hunter’s Shintaro Kojima. The game is set in the same world as Lost Planet but features an anime art style and a school-themed story.

Famitsu reports that EX Troopers follows the story between the snow pirates and Akrid aliens on EDN-3rd. You play as Bren Turner, a man who’s arrived at the academy (the aforementioned school) from EDN-2nd. Famitsu also introduces characters TeeKee, a female snow pirate who can communicate with the Akrid, and Gingira, a Vital Suit that’s loaded with next gen AI.

The EDN-3rd planet has three bases. You choose one to serve as your base of operations. The three bases feature in the story, while Bren comes from one base, other members of the academy come from the others. The story will be told through \”manga demo\” cut scenes (similar to Gravity Rush).

EX Troopers will see 3DS and PS3 release some time this year. The game is currently 60% complete, Famitsu reports. The game will be playable at Capcom’s Summer Jam at Tokyo Big Event on June 30th and July 1st.