Happiness denied: Hollow Knight’s physical release canned


Hollow Knight looks like it is a fun Metroidvania romp on Nintendo Switch. If, like me, you were holding off on buying the game because of the physical edition announcement, prepare to be disappointed. The release has been canned, according to developer Team Cherry and distribution partner/publisher Skybound Games.

What happened?!

Skybound Games joined forces with Team Cherry and formed a supergroup dedicated to releasing Hollow Knight on carts and discs. However, circumstances led the company to share this bit of information on Twitter:

We are saddened to share that we’ll no longer be working with to bring to new platforms. We absolutely love the game and wish Team Cherry continued success.

No love lost between the two entities, at least. But where are the details?! I crave gossip!

Luckily, Team Cherry provided some extra information on their blog post explaining the situation. Due to Cherry’s small team of three people who are still working on Hollow Knight, they couldn’t feasibly bring the title to physical media, even with help. The team sounded optimistic about the future, though. They might try to attempt a physical release again, in small batches.

I’m sad about the physical Hollow Knight dissolution. I like to save space on my Switch and have something to display on my shelf. However, now I know I can buy the adventure game digitally at any point. Also, it’s clear that Team Cherry is still plugging away on Hollow Knight. Perhaps some DLC is on the way?

How do you lot feel about canned physical Hollow Knight? Are you sad and understanding at the same time? Set to buy the game this very moment knowing this piece of news? Let us know with a comment directly under these words.

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