Canceled Mega Man Star Force 4 details emerge, would’ve been ‘mature’

Mega Man Star Force 4 concept art and story details for canceled Capcom game

The Mega Man Star Force series concluded with its third entry in 2009 in North America. For the most part, this marked the end of a long, long era of bountiful Mega Man spinoffs. Compared to its predecessor, Battle Network, the Star Force series is not remembered as fondly. However, the games had their proponents (including me, mostly), and amazingly, story details and concept art of a canceled Mega Man Star Force 4 have now come to light.

This news comes from longtime Mega Man fan site Rockman Corner, via a trusted source they call “The Shadow.” First, there is a piece of concept art from Mega Man artist Shinsuke Komaki, and it is really cool! It reflects that the game was to have a slightly more mature tone. It would have had an older Geo Stellar alongside the new genius hacker Kazuma (below), a descendant of Lan Hikari. The Satella Police were going to chase them as hacker outlaws. The concept of hacking would have been a central gameplay mechanism in Star Force 4.

Mega Man Star Force 4 concept art and story details for canceled Capcom game

Mega Man Star Force 4 reportedly entered development between 2009 and 2010. However, it was canceled halfway into development following disappointing sales of MMSF3 and Japan-only Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star. I understand Capcom’s reasoning, but it’s still sad because Star Force 4 sounded like a genuinely interesting departure for the series.

I live and breathe Mega Man, so I’m just happy Mega Man 11 and the X Legacy Collections sold well. It bodes very well for the franchise’s future, even if we have to leave Star Force behind.


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