Camie and Seiji join the My Hero One’s Justice 2 roster

Camie Seiji My Hero One's Justice

My Hero One’s Justice 2 is going to be absolutely packed with fighters when it launches on March 12. The 3D fighter features a massive roster of heroes and villains from the popular manga/anime series. The first game featured over two dozen playable characters, and more are revealed for the sequel all the time. Today, two more combatants joined the roster: Camie Utsushimi and Seiji Shishikura.

Camie and Seiji join My Hero One’s Justice 2

Both Camie and Seiji are students at Shiketsu High School. This talented hero school as seen as a rival to U.A., the school the main protagonist calls home. Here’s what you can expect from the two fighters in My Hero One’s Justice 2, per Weekly Jump:

Camie Utsushimi uses her “Glamour” Quirk which allows her to create visual and auditory illusions using a smoke-like substance. In My Hero One’s Justice 2 Camie Utsushimi uses Glamour to get a sneak attack and hit the opponent from behind. However,  since she doesn’t have any projectiles she makes up for it with mobility.

“Meatball” is Seiji Shishikura’s Quirk. The Quirk allows him to manipulate raw flesh and turn other people’s bodies into balls of flesh. Additionally, he can also detach his own flesh to use and control it for offensive and defensive purposes. In My Hero One’s Justice 2 he’s described as a technical character with special controls. In close-ranged combat, he counters to grab the opponent.

It sounds like Camie will be relying on diversion and physical attacks, while Seiji will be more projectile-based. It’s nice to see a good degree of variety in these newcomers. Credit to ryokutya2089 for unearthing the details and to Siliconera for posting the translation.


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