Called it: Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Alcremie Pokemon has 28+ flavors

Game Freak creates no shortage of tasty looking Pokemon, and one of the newest additions in Pokemon Sword and Shield is Alcremie. The Pokemon, similar to the Vanillite family tree, resembles an ice cream sundae.

Revealed earlier this year, Nintendo has been slowly showing off new “flavors” of the Pokemon. So far, at least 28 varieties of the critter have been spotted, although there could be potentially more. Two of the confirmed flavors are “Vanilla Flavor” and “Matcha Flavor.”

The reason we find this fact so hilarious is because we wrote up a satire piece about six months ago titled: “Pokemon Sword and Shield to have 83 variants of Ice Cream Pokemon /s.” At the time, Alcremie had not even been revealed. Now we know that the feature was far more accurate than we thought.

From our March article…

“So, we had a bunch of fans – thousands, in fact – write in complaining that they didn’t like our Pokemon Vanillite, Vanillish, and Vanilluxe,” began Masuda. “I get it. Not everyone likes the vanilla flavor in ice cream. Or, maybe vanilla was your favorite type of ice cream and just ended up eating the Pokemon instead of using it to battle. We understand these problems! So, we decided to introduce a ton of new ice cream Pokemon to suit any type of player. Maybe you like chocolate, maybe you like rocky road, or maybe you’re a weirdo that likes garlic ice cream. No matter your preference, we’ll have 83 different types of ice cream Pokemon for you to choose from!”

Pokemon Sword and Shield is launching on November 15, 2019. Just yesterday, two new Pokemon we announced. In addition to a swath of new Pokemon, the game will also feature new Galar-form Pokemon that will give classic Pokemon new appearances and types. Will you picking the game up this fall?

Eli Pales
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