Rumor: Dwayne Johnson in talks to star in Call of Duty movie

Dwayne Johnson Call of Duty ovie

Following an interview earlier this month in which actor Dwayne Johnson mentioned that he is working on bringing one of the “biggest, most badass games” to the box office, movie site Giant Freakin’ Robot is reporting that the game franchise in question is Call of Duty.

According to Giant Freakin’ Robot’s report, Dwayne Johnson has not officially signed onto the Call of Duty movie just yet, but his statements in his earlier interview seem to suggest that he’s confident he’ll end up in the movie.

This report does not mark the first time we have heard rumblings of a Call of Duty film. Activision was investigating developing a cinematic universe based on the series back in 2015. As of 2020, Activision was no longer prioritizing movies, and the Call of Duty movie project still had not left the runway. Activision has since, of course, been disgraced by numerous reports of a horribly toxic work environment, and was recently acquired by Microsoft. After a tumultuous year for the company, it would not be a shock to see a Call of Duty movie back on the table.

As Giant Freakin’ Robot notes, there is no telling what time period or location a Call of Duty film could focus on. The games have extensively covered periods ranging from multiple major fronts of World War II all the way to futuristic space warfare. What would you be most interested in seeing?


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