Check out 16 minutes of gameplay from new Switch shmup Cake Invaders

Cake Invaders switch

Cake Invaders, a shoot ’em up title that landed on Switch this past week, just received a video showcasing the opening sixteen minutes of gameplay. The game challenges players to defend their stockpiles of delicious Japanese Baumkuchen cakes, which have recently drawn the attention of alien invaders from throughout the galaxy thanks to their obscene deliciousness. Described as a combination of tower defense and shoot ’em up, players may find a lot to love in Cake Invaders. You can check out gameplay for the high-octane shoot ’em up in the video below, courtesy of YouTuber Nintendo Hall.

If Cake Invaders looks as if it might be up your alley on Switch, read further for a more elaborate explanation of the game’s premise and gameplay features.

The Japanese just love their famous German-inspired Baumkuchen cakes, and hungry invaders from across the universe have discovered these delicious treats too! Are you up to the challenge of protecting the precious desserts from waves of alien attacks? The hungry invaders are approaching one after another, wanting the all-important Baumkuchen Cake carried by your spaceship for themselves.

Defend and shoot the invaders with your minigun to protect the Baumkuchen! If you keep defeating the invaders with your minigun, a mysterious Baumkuchen will appear, glowing in rainbow colors! If you shoot and destroy it, you will gain exploding bullets, increase your crew, and more. The further you progress, the more numerous and powerful the invaders will become, and the more Baumkuchen will eventually be consumed. Will you lead your crew to sweet survival?

Key Features

• Shoot down hordes of hungry aliens using your minigun!
• Experience a mix of tower defense and arcade shoot’em up action.
• Control multiple characters simultaneously to fire in unison.
• Earn upgraded weaponry and expand your crew!
• Climb online leaderboards to share your victories!
• Enjoy cute and colorful pixel art presentation.

Are you interested in playing Cake Invaders on Switch? What do you think of the gameplay video above? Let us know in the comment section below.

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