Cake Bash delivers the desserts later this month on Nintendo Switch

Cake Bash demo Nintendo Switch free Coatsink release date

Coatsink’s Cake Bash is a game that takes Overcooked‘s food theme and turns it into fierce multiplayer dining battles. The game launched on PC and other consoles last month, as the Nintendo Switch version needed a little more time in the oven. Thankfully, the next dessert course is almost finished, as the Switch release of Cake Bash has been dated for Nov. 19.

The team at Coatsink commemorated this in a Switch release date trailer, as the cakes line up for another round. The trailer shows no real Switch gameplay, but it offers a glimpse at how animated cakes really look. The answer is damn tasty, minus the limbs.

There are plenty of other game modes and minigames here as well to enjoy locally, online, or against bots. Some of these are served up in the Cake Bash demo, which is already live on the eShop. The demo contains Sweet Victory, where you need to gather the most sweets to win; Fruity Pie, where you throw fruit into a giant pie; Campfire, which tasks you with toasting the best marshmallows; and Fork Knife, which is a battle royale, because why not?

Cake Bash

I usually use my teeth to bash cake, but I’ll soon be trying with the Joy-Con instead. Look for a review of Cake Bash in the near future.


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