Byleth joins Smash Bros. Ultimate as the final Fighters Pass character

Byleth release date price Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Fighters Pass

The wait is over! Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the final character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s Fighters Pass DLC. There were rumors going around that they would be the last fighter, but Sakurai confirmed it during the Smash Direct today. This is exciting news for fans of the Fire Emblem franchise.

Byleth’s move set is an interesting addition to Smash Bros. They bring to the table a number of powerful attacks and I’m sure the pros will break this one apart in no time. They seem really powerful right now with a variety of weapons from the series, matching the rock-paper-scissors nature of the original game.

Byleth’s stage is Garreg Mach Monastery from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. For us casuals, this should be a fun destination thanks to the cycling between different types of stages. You’ll be able to see some familiar characters all over. Fortunately, for more competitive people, we also get the gorgeous visuals and beautiful music the Fire Emblem franchise is known for while playing on Battlefield and Final Destination variants. There are 11 new tracks in all.

Byleth and Garreg Mach Monastary will be available to download on Jan. 28. They’re included in the Fighters Pass or can be obtained à la carte for $5.99 USD. A small price to pay for more Smash.

Masahiro Sakurai says that hardly anyone knew what they were announcing today, even worldwide at Nintendo! Preparations are thus coming late to allow Nintendo staff to catch up with the reveal.

Update: Take a sneak peek at details about the new DLC characters that will come in Fighters Pass Vol. 2! Then take a look at the new Mii Fighter Costumes, which include… Altaïr and Cuphead?!?!?!

We’ll be updating this throughout the Direct, so stick around for more information. Better yet, watch it here!


Dominick Ashtear