Byleth is pretty fun, but underwhelming. How are you liking them?

Fighters Pass Byleth Garreg Mach Monastery Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ver. 7.0 live now

Byleth of Fire Emblem: Three Houses fame is playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as of this evening. The final DLC character in the first Fighters Pass, Byleth has been a controversial newcomer. Rather than a new series joining the parade of surprising, interesting fighters, we got an eighth Fire Emblem representativereleasing close enough to a Fire Emblem: Three Houses expansion pass to leave several fans jaded by the tie-in. For better or for worse, though, Byleth is playable now. Do you enjoy fighting as him, or are you as underwhelmed by his moveset as you are the rest of his existence?

I think that Byleth is fine. That’s pretty much it. I was not mad or bothered by their inclusion, but I was not excited for them like I was for all of the other DLC fighters. That sentiment pretty much extends to his gameplay. Exhibiting similar style to that of their seven Fire Emblem brothers and sisters, Byleth is a competent character who does not bring anything needed, much less anything wanted, to the table. I’ll play as them a few times, and if we eventually gel a lot, maybe I’ll even work them into my fighter rotation for a spell. Since I already dabble with Lucina, Ike, and Roy, though, that hardly seems necessary.

Byleth, unfortunately, is a yawn. The moveset does not feel unique enough to me to overcome the completely boring character reveal. I’m not dissatisfied with them, per se, just not that exuberant. What do you think?

Nick Pearson
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