Buy this $5 headset from Walmart to make a Labo VR headset strap

Nintendo Labo VR kit handcrafted DIY head strap

Nintendo introduced virtual reality support for its hybrid console a few weeks ago. This was made possible by harnessing the power of cardboard and the DIY kits known as Nintendo Labo. Some first-party games, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, support the feature. However, there was something noticeably missing from the overall experience. The Labo VR kit does not include a head strap. This means you’ll have to hold the console to your face the entire time it’s in use.

Until now.

Creativity on the rise

I follow a few different Facebook groups that are gaming-related. I have a group of retro collectors who post pictures of their deals/hauls, one for Nintendo gamers over the age of 30, and another, which is where this information stems from, is chock-full of Nintendo Switch fans. The group is mostly filled with people showing love for the hybrid console.

One user got crafty (literally) and fused together popsicle sticks, Labo VR, and a Walmart headset that retails for US $5.  Derek decided that for himself, it was time to put a stop to holding his console and the cardboard up to his face just to experience what Labo had to offer.

Nintendo Labo VR kit handcrafted DIY head strap

The end result is an actually decent-looking headset that I would have no problem slapping on my head, especially if that means it doesn’t look like I’m holding a periscope every time I want to take Breath of the Wild in VR for a spin.

If you’re wondering what the popsicle sticks were used for, Derek states they were used “as support to prevent the zip ties from cutting through the cardboard from the stress of the strap pulling.”

Riding strap-free

I do understand the position Nintendo took when it decided to dip its toes into virtual reality. The Labo VR set was the perfect way to sort of test the waters when it comes to a technology that the company admitted it didn’t seem like a path that they were looking to go down any time soon. However, it was done in the most Nintendo way possible, providing a family-friendly introduction to it.

Nintendo Labo VR kit handcrafted DIY head strap

Have you purchased any of the Nintendo Labo VR set? If so, what are your thoughts on it? If not, what game would make you buy it? Let us know in the comments below!

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