Bushiden gets new gameplay video, is adding beat ’em up elements

Bushiden Pixel Arc Studios beat 'em up video

Bushiden was one of the biggest surprises of last year on Kickstarter, a Metroidvania with beautiful 32-bit pixel art, fluid combat animations, and an emphasis on “crowd control” platformer combat. The idea is that the main character, Reylee, will regularly be battling large groups of enemies at once, but he will be well equipped to triumph. To that end, a new Kickstarter update from two-man developer Pixel Arc Studios shows off new gameplay, new sound effects, and new “beat ’em up”-genre elements introduced into the gameplay.

As the developer explains, “We were finding it challenging to truly create the type of combat scenarios we envisioned inside of our level/room layouts though,” but then they realized adding beat ’em up elements could solve their problems. Particularly, they added areas to¬†Bushiden where screen scrolling stops and you just have to beat up all the bad dudes that meander on screen. They also added a throw ability, a cornerstone of beat ’em up games, which looks pretty slick in action.

Check out the new gameplay and admire just how pretty Bushiden continues to be.

Pixel Arc Studios is targeting an August 2020 release window for Bushiden, and it seems to be progressing nicely so far.

[Disclosure: The author of this article backed Bushiden on Kickstarter. No external compensation was received to write this article.]


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