Bushiden gets a beautiful new trailer, picks up Humble as a publisher

Bushiden trailer Pixel Arc Studios Humble Games Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Steam action platformer sidescroller Metroidvania beat 'em up

When I think about beautiful pixel art indie games in development, Pixel Arc Studios’ Bushiden is one of the first that comes to mind. The game has evolved considerably since its Kickstarter, but in a nutshell, it’s a *takes a deep breath* futuristic ninja action platformer sidescroller Metroidvania with beat ’em up elements thrown in. But look, let’s not dwell on labels. Let’s dwell on the fact that Bushiden has a new story trailer, and it continues to have some of the most gorgeous art with ridiculously slick animations around. It’s also picked up Humble Games as a publisher.

If you’ve been following the game’s development as religiously as I have, there honestly isn’t actually much new in this trailer. But there’s still a lot to appreciate here, with delightfully detailed backgrounds, the protagonist’s hyper-smooth movement animations, and a small sampling of the game’s “crowd control” special attacks for dispatching multiple enemies simultaneously. It’s likely that different old-school gamers will appreciate different aspects of Bushiden and all walk away happy for unique reasons.

Pixel Arc Studios and Humble Games are aiming to launch Bushiden in 2021 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam. The addition of Humble Games means it will be possible to publish the game in 10 languages, and it will receive more support with playtesting and quality control moving forward.

[Disclosure: The author of this article backed Bushiden on Kickstarter.]


John Friscia
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