Burnout Paradise Remastered apparently coming to Switch June 19

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Burnout Paradise Remastered is one of several exciting ports coming to Switch over the next few months. While we originally only had a vague 2020 release date, you might be able to crash around in portable Paradise City adventures a bit sooner than anticipated. As pointed out by Wario64 on Twitter, the Nintendo Switch eShop page for the game currently shows an estimated release date of June 19. This adds a bit of specificity to last week’s June listing.

Without official confirmation from Nintendo or EA, this could just be a mistake, but as of now, June 19 appears to be a safe bet for a Burnout Paradise Remastered release date.

Burnout Paradise Remastered is a chaotic, open-world racing experience. With 120 challenges that take a few minutes each to complete, the game is perfect for a portable version. The title lends itself perfectly to a few minutes of pick-up-and-play adventuring. As a high-quality game in one of the racing genre’s most respected series, the game only needs a competent port to bring in thousands of new fans. With stellar performance, an on-the-go version even has the potential to be the definitive edition of the game for many.

Will you be picking up Burnout Paradise Remastered? What are your hopes for the port? Let us know in the comments.

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