It has begun: Super Nintendo World’s foundation is starting to be built at Universal


Looking forward to the Super Nintendo World attraction? Great news: work on the foundation skeleton of Universal Studios’ addition has started. It might even be built in a few years!

My childhood condensed in park form

Viewing this tweet from RyanTheme Park, we can see the very beginnings of a fancy Nintendo attraction forming:


Wow, what a sweet landfill! I cannot wait for it to be filled with nostalgia.

One thing is potentially upsetting about this photo, however. If this plot of land is all Universal is working with, then Super Nintendo World is looking mighty small. Certainly, I do not think it is possible to cram over thirty years of history into a theme park. But above all, I was hoping for a bigger attraction. This is the disadvantage of having Super Nintendo World as part of Universal Studios. If it had been its own thing, perhaps gamers of every age group would have had a more comprehensive attraction.

Furthermore, neither Universal or Nintendo have given an estimate for when Super Nintendo World will be finished. If there are no snags, it seems like it will be complete in a couple of years.

How do you readers feel about Super Nintendo World’s development? Hoping for something larger? Believe there is more land to plot not shown in the picture? Let us know your thoughts in the comment field below!

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