Build yourself a life-sized Lego Super Mario with Bricker Builds

Builder Bricks Lego Super Mario life-sized $900 5000 blocks

If you have enough imagination, you can build anything with Lego. If you don’t have enough imagination, then you can fall back on Bricker Builds. Bricker Builds has opened preorders for a kit to build a life-sized Lego Super Mario that stands at 28.8″ (731 mm), in addition to preorders for a Super Mario Power-Up Mushroom that stands stands 8″ (203 mm) tall. The former is 4,787 bricks, while the latter is 783 bricks. Now grip something tight as you brace for the prices of these Bricker Builds kits: Life-sized Lego Super Mario is $899.99, while the Power-Up Mushroom is $175.00.

So yeah, thousands of Lego come with a price tag of many hundreds of dollars, but Lego enthusiasts are probably already well aware of the costs that come with going hardcore. Besides, even just buying and building the life-sized Power-Up Mushroom would be an awesome way to spruce up a room. Bricker Builds has provided a short video to showcase life-sized Lego Super Mario in all his grandeur though. Buying either kit will come with a PDF with full building instructions, and they will begin shipping on August 3.

Meanwhile, a variety of new officially Nintendo-licensed Lego Super Mario merchandise is currently in the process of coming to retailers, such as the Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set and Boss Sumo Bro Topple Tower Expansion Set.

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