Buddy & Me Misses Wii U Stretch Goal, Sunbreak Still Want to Bring it to eShop

Well this sucks, Buddy & Me, from ex-Retro developers, has missed its Wii U stretch goal, luckily Sunbreak Games still want to bring it to the Wii U at a later date…

Buddy & Me’s Wii U stretch goal was originally added after our Editor-in-Chief Menashe, approached Sunbreak games after seeing how suitable it would be on the Wii U. The Kickstarter campaign finished this past week and suprassed its $40,000 goal by over $2000, but sadly missed the lofty Wii U stretch goal of $55,000.

Fortunately, Sunbreak game have revealed they still have long term plans to bring it to the Wii U…

First up, let me say that we owe our loyal Nintendo fans so much. You guys have been amazing, and are one of the biggest reasons this Kickstarter survived after its first three weeks. You’ve reminded the team of how much our previous games meant to you, and really inspired the team. We will not forget that. We don’t want to let you down.

Bottom line, it does cost a lot extra to port to Wii U, and we will need to find that funding somehow, somewhere, sometime. We can’t in any way promise or guarantee it until we’ve figured out how to do it… but what we can promise, is that we’ll try.

You’ll be happy to know, we’ve already reached out to Nintendo (Nintendo of America headquarters is just a few miles away from us), and are trying to figure out exactly what it would take to get development kits, and get more familiar with the technology.

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[Source: Kickstarter]