Brush up: Switch Online’s Nintendo 64 emulation is improving

Switch Online emulation

The Switch Online service has added some great Nintendo 64 titles recently. Gamers can now play Banjo-Kazooie, and Majora’s Mask will be hitting the platform soon. However, it hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows. One of the main detriments to Switch Online is the noticeable emulation and lag issues, which seem to only affect the Nintendo 64 games. Luckily, it appears things are looking up. YouTube channel Modern Vintage Gamer has taken a look at some of the titles recently, and it’s clear Switch Online’s emulation is improving.

While emulation will never be perfect, I hope NSO’s continues to get better

Take a look at the YouTuber’s findings below:

As Modern Vintage Gamer states, Switch Online had a litany of issues last year. Paper Mario could end up deleting your save data across all titles on Switch Online, and Ocarina of Time had problems with reflections, fog, and input lag. But now Switch Online has updated to the 1.2 build. Play Ocarina today, and you can see the Water Temple’s water reflections are way better (but still not perfect). The fog hasn’t been fixed yet, but the input lag has been reduced (it was 5-6 frames of lag before, and now it is reduced by 1-2 frames). In addition, Banjo-Kazooie runs pretty faithfully, so hopefully, all future titles will be running well.

All in all, it looks like Nintendo is listening to fans and their criticisms. This is good because the service is pricey and things should work properly, at the very least!

Enthusiasts, what are your thoughts on the Switch Online emulation improvements? Is it enough for you to throw money down on it or is it still not worth it? Let us know below.

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