Broly DBS first in-game images finally revealed in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Broly DBS Dragon Ball FighterZ first images reveal

The road to Broly DBS in Dragon Ball FighterZ has been long and winding, and Bandai Namco loves nothing more than to drip-feed the smallest bits of information so that we’re practically ready to die of Dragon Ball drought. Despite the publisher’s masochistic tendencies, we finally have our first in-game look at Broly in his Dragon Ball Super incarnation. And he looks as epic and mad and dangerous as we would expect when rendered by Arc System Works.

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Broly DBS reportedly is a heavy character with long reach and packs a wallop. His previously reported “Blaster Meteor” attack is the one that consists of green energy blasts exploding out of his body like a really angry and vindictive fireworks display. Meanwhile, his “Gigantic Roar” is the attack that has him shooting energy out of his mouth, and Broly remains in a higher power state after successfully using the attack.

Whenever Broly DBS finally lands (which is reportedly soon), he will mark the end of FighterZ Pass 2 for Dragon Ball FighterZ. There is no official confirmation on a FighterZ Pass 3, but considering the positive critical and fan reaction to the game, there is little reason not to keep going. This isn’t a scenario like in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate where there are licensing deals to consider.


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