Broly DBS finally receives his epic Dragon Ball FighterZ reveal trailer

Broly DBS trailer Dragon Ball FighterZ

Bandai Namco is a company that rightfully loves to keep the hype rolling for its upcoming releases, and it achieves that by drip feeding content until you’ve either died of excitement or starvation — whatever comes first. Along those lines, Broly DBS has finally received his Dragon Ball FighterZ character trailer, so we can get a nice long look at the final character of FighterZ Pass 2. And suffice to say — dude is looking berserk, in the literal sense.

All the attacks discussed and seen in screenshots in previous articles can now finally be witnessed in beautiful, brutal motion. I regrettably have no fluency or comprehension when it comes to discussing the terminology of fighting game mechanics, so I can’t provide hard-hitting analysis on how Broly DBS is likely to play. What I can do, however, is say he looks dope as heck, mirroring his depiction in the film Dragon Ball Super: Broly incredibly well, and I really hope Arc System Works decides to let the good times roll by announcing a FighterZ Pass 3.

Broly DBS only has a release date of “coming soon,” so the Bandai Namco drip feed continues. Let us know if this trailer has done its job of getting you hyped for his arrival in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


John Friscia
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