Breath of the Wild’s final ‘impossible’ treasure chest has been opened

Breath of the Wild final treasure chest opened Aris Beach Kleric

At the end of May, we discussed how an “impossible” Hateno Village treasure chest had been obtained in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but it wasn’t the last chest yet to be reached in the game. Now, after months of hard work and tricky movement, the final treasure chest has been unearthed in Breath of the Wild. This was achieved by a well-known member of the Zelda community, Kleric, who frequently posts Breath of the Wild videos on YouTube. This particular chest is located underneath Aris Beach, and it required the efforts of multiple people, as Kleric mentions in the video’s description:

Big thanks to ElDuende! Without them, I wouldn’t even know this chest existed, let alone the mountains of knowledge leading to this moment.

And thanks to LetMeThinkOfAUsername for letting me know of the wall-jump shield surf that lets you be in the standing-state beneath the water layer.

Reaching the Aris Beach treasure chest of course requires the power of glitches. There are a variety of techniques used here, as Kleric needed to get Link out of the swimming animation and into a standing position to open it. Additionally, the movement, like with most Breath of the Wild glitches, is extremely precise. Check out the full video below:

All of this is extremely impressive, and the Zelda speedrunning community should be proud of what they have achieved. What do you think about the final chest being unearthed in Breath of the Wild?


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