Breath of the Wild randomizer mod with myriad options launches soon

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild BOTW randomizer mod Waikuteru Nintendo Switch Wii U Christmas release date

Modder Waikuteru has quite a resume with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild mods, including things like inserting Skyward Sword’s Sandship Dungeon and Luigi’s Circuit from Mario Kart Wii — but the best is yet to come. Following hundreds of hours of work, Waikuteru has shared that a Breath of the Wild (BOTW) randomizer mod compatible with both Wii U and Nintendo Switch versions will be released on Christmas, and it will include a sweeping suite of options. English, French, German, and Japanese languages are already supported, and starting November 25, “presenters” in different countries will begin showing off the game to collect feedback.

This Breath of the Wild randomizer randomizes the usual essentials, like item locations and enemy drops, and there is a possibility of random warping using the Sheikah Slate and shrine entrances/exits as well. There will also be a “Goal Mode” that dictates specific conditions that must be met before confronting Ganon, with examples including “obtaining Master Sword, all champion abilities, 50 apples, killing 20 Hinox, etc.” But beyond those essentials, the BOTW randomizer will also include what Waikuteru calls a “Randomizer Cycle,” where lots of different additional randomizations can occur at given intervals.

Here are the different scenarios that can occur as part of the Breath of the Wild Randomizer Cycle: (They can be reverted if desired.)

Randomizer – Spawn:
This will make enemies spawn everywhere across Hyrule – these enemies have randomized weapons too. The chosen option can be reverted.
Randomizer – Prohibition:
Will set prohibitions such as saving, warping, using shrines, eating, drinking, killing time, etc. The chosen option can be reverted.
Randomizer – Time:
The time will change on the fly which results in changing of weather, lighting and enemy behaviour (e.g. sleeping) and schedules of NPCs.
Randomizer – Environment:
Will change the environment such as setting everything on fire (e.g. Volcano Eldin), making it cold (e.g. Hebra Mountains) or hot (Gerudo Desert).
Setting a specific so-called “palette” can occur too such as the Lost Woods fog (incl. music), complete darkness, sandstorm, etc.
Randomizer – Take Equipment:
One of the player’s equipment will be taken out of his pouch which can result in dangerous situations and increases the excitement.
Randomizer – Money:
A random amount of rupees will be either lost or credited to the player.
Randomizer – Damage and Heal:
Can either damage or heal the player.
Randomizer – Get Item:
The player will receive an item. This can include everything such as Small Swords, Large Swords, Spears, Shields, Bows, Armor parts, Fruits, Meat, Insects, Plants, etc.
Randomizer – Warp:
Will warp the player to different spawn points. This can include warping the player to a different world too. E.g. from normal overworld to divine beast.

Waikuteru graciously accepts support and donations from Patreon and GoFundMe for completing this BOTW randomizer mod and other mods. Otherwise, you can keep an eye out for glimpses of the mod through the next month before the final release date on Christmas.

John Friscia
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