How: Speedrunner completes 100% Breath of the Wild no-damage run

Breath of the Wild no damage

Over the years, we’ve seen gamers continue to find new ways to speedrun The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And today, we bore witness to the incredible feat of the no-damage playthrough with Ninja Gaiden. But what if some talented individual combined Breath of the Wild, no-damage, and 100% completion? Look no further than speedrunner joedun, who managed to combine all three things fairly recently.

A Breath of the Wild no-damage run does not compute in my brain

joedun, who is not a robot, managed to do the impossible after over 100 attempts and no reloads:

The man is a legend. How he managed to get all Korok seeds, beat every shrine, and complete the adventure log without getting hit is beyond me.

Of course, joedun had a little assistance of the glitch variety to help him on his quest. He did duplicate items and utilized moon jumping, which grants infinite height. He is looking to replicate his run without glitches and with the addition of BotW‘s DLC.

If you want to watch joedun’s plight in all its glory, you can do so at Twitch. Give it a look, especially the part where he takes just a little bit of damage many hours into an attempt and is forced to restart. He looks quite pained.

Enthusiasts, are you impressed by this Breath of the Wild no-damage speedrun with 100% completion? Let us know below.

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