Breath of the Wild Metroid mod with Samus, her ship, & BGM is incredible

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Metroid mod Samus ship gunship bgm background music video

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild probably already enjoys more mods than most Nintendo games thanks to its versatility and general extreme popularity. But this Breath of the Wild Metroid mod is probably the most awesome one I’ve seen yet. Although, it’s actually a series of mods in development from modder Yainskofso. These include a Samus mod, Gunship mod for her ship, and Metroid background music (BGM) mod — all of which you can see on incredible display in the MK YouTube video below.

Samus comes with numerous different outfits, including her Zero Suit and obviously her armor. And as an excellent touch, the paraglider is replaced by a Metroid! The Master Cycle Zero is likewise replaced by the Gunship. And if you would rather explore with iconic Metroid tunes, you can have that too. This is almost all you could hope for in a Breath of the Wild Metroid mod, and YouTuber MK states that Yainskofso is currently working on adding missiles as arrow replacements and the arm cannon as a bow replacement. More outfits are coming too.

Mods like this Breath of the Wild Metroid mod remind us how breathtaking the game’s world already is and how mods can breathe even more life into it. Tell us what you think of seeing Samus and her ship in this new light — and if you think she could defeat Luigi, Hero of Time.


John Friscia
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