New Breath of the Wild glitch gives infinite Korok seeds

Breath of the Wild glitch

A Twitter user who goes by Bot__w has discovered a new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild glitch that allows players to collect infinite Korok seeds. Successfully performing the exploit requires the use of the recently discovered moonwalking infinite jump glitch. The video below by Gaming Reinvented covers the glitch.

A full tutorial and explanation of the coding deficiency that allows this to happen are also available on their website. Basically, there is a specific Korok located by a tree near the center island in Lake Hylia. If you can successfully moon jump over the top of the tree where the Korok is located and press A as the button prompt vanishes, you will hear the Korok sound, but the little guy will not actually appear. Once you land, you will see the alert confirming you got the seed while the camera rests at an odd angle. This process can be repeated endlessly in order to collect as many Korok seeds as you want.

However, the process is quite challenging, and it is recommended that you save immediately after every successful attempt. Still, if you can master the timing, this is a much faster way to max your seed count than actually manually gathering each one.

Even more than two years after its release, a new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild glitch seems to pop up at least once or twice a month. The game’s wildly dedicated fanbase is still going strong.

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