Breath of Fire plushes & keychains are incredible and on sale at Fangamer

Fangamer Breath of Fire plush plushes plushies Ryu Nina II Katt Capcom merchandise

Fangamer has unexpectedly revealed Breath of Fire plushes and keychains, awesome merchandise based on the classic Capcom role-playing franchise. Specifically, there is a Breath of Fire I Ryu and Nina plush set retailing for $36, an acrylic keychain of the two of them together for $10, and a Breath of Fire II Katt acrylic keychain for $10. If you buy the two keychains together, the second one is discounted two dollars to $8, making the total $18 instead of $20.

These days, it’s exciting to see Breath of Fire anywhere at all, even if just in the form of awesome Fangamer plushes and keychains. After all, Breath of Fire hasn’t received a new game since the poorly received Japanese mobile game Breath of Fire 6, which shut down less than two years after its launch. Perhaps if this Fangamer merchandise sells well, it will encourage Capcom to do something with the franchise in the video game space. A collection of Breath of Fire ports like with Collection of Mana or Mega Man X Legacy Collection would be fantastic. The first two titles in the franchise launched on SNES, while the next two launched on PlayStation 1, and the final, decidedly different console entry arrived on PlayStation 2.

If Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Shin Megami Tensei, Phantasy Star (albeit only Online), and even freakin’ SaGa are all still going strong in one form or another, there is absolutely no reason Breath of Fire shouldn’t be as well — buy a plush or a keychain, folks!


John Friscia
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