Bravely Default II preorder bonuses revealed for UK

Bravely Defaut II preorder bonus bonuses UK Nintendo Store

As a result of its short delay back in October, Bravely Default II is a little over a month out from launch, though it’s available to preorder at your big retail stores, and bonuses are beginning to be offered. In the U.K., the official Nintendo Store has updated its listings to include some extra preorder goodies.

Secure your copy ahead of launch, and you’ll also get a sticker sheet, a postcard set, and an A2 double-sided poster featuring various character designs and artwork from Bravely Default II. These bonuses are included at no extra cost with the standard edition of the game. You can even get hold of them with a digital copy too, with the bonuses sent separately.

Bravely Defaut II preorder bonus bonuses UK Nintendo Store

Hopefully, similar bonuses become available in other regions soon. Both physical and digital versions for Bravely Default II are up at Amazon, but there are no preorder bonuses included as of now.

Bravely Default II looks downright gorgeous on Nintendo Switch, and we’re ready to dive into the sequel. It certainly shows the leap in hardware from the 3DS, even though the original looked great given the system’s limitations. This time out though, the art design really does pop with the extra horsepower.

Bravely Default II launches Feb. 26, 2021.


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