Bravely Default II tops 1 million in units shipped worldwide & digital sales

Bravely Default II tops 1 million units in worldwide shipments & digital sales

Square Enix has announced that its RPG title Bravely Default II has surpassed 1 million in units shipped worldwide and digital sales. The milestone took about 10 months to achieve following its global release in February of this year.

The first Bravely Default was released for the 3DS in Japan in October 2012 and eventually worldwide in December 2013. It wasn’t until around July 2014 that the first Bravely Default reached the milestone of 1 million. That’s about a year longer than Bravely Default II took, but keep in mind that it was practically a brand new IP at the time. If anything, Bravely Default II almost had it earlier, as it was already at 950,000 back in August. It appears that the September-launched PC version and holiday sales gave it the last push needed to hit the milestone.

In any case, it’s good to see that Square Enix’s traditional RPG series continues to grow. Unfortunately for Bravely fans, series producer Tomoya Asano recently mentioned that there aren’t any new console games in the works for now. However, we can expect some announcements for the series’s 10th anniversary next year. A new game called Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights is also in the works for smartphones, so fans (at least in Japan) can look forward to that for the time being.

Check out the announcement tweet and artwork celebrating Bravely Default II hitting one million in worldwide shipments and digital sales:

Bravely Default II is immediately available worldwide for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.