Bravely Default II shares new story, job, & strategic counter details

Square Enix Bravely Default II details story jobs asterisks counters jammers consecutive battles asterisks

It’s weird to think about, but Bravely Default II is almost here, as Square Enix will be releasing it on Feb. 26. Via Gematsu, many more details of Bravely Default II have been revealed, including for the country of Holograd, new character jobs, “Counters” and “Jammers,” and “consecutive battles.”

Holograd is a “militant” nation that has existed for roughly three centuries, when a hero assembled clans living in wastelands and used their might to annex neighboring nations. The current king of Holograd in Bravely Default II, Adamas Holograd, is a descendant of that hero and seemingly intends to establish peace by conquering everyone else. His cronies are Maddock Lonsdale, Mora, and Vishnu Isaac. The four hold the Hellblade Asterisk, Bastion Asterisk, Phantom Asterisk, and Arcanist Asterisk respectively.

The Hellblade job sounds like a riff on the Dark Knight class, as you “risk your life” by using its sword and attributes can be assigned to the weapon. The Bastion job is a balanced tank class that can summon a barrier to nullify damage for the party once. The Phantom job offers high evasion and dishes out a high number of hits. Lastly, the Arcanist job uses strong magic that hits all enemies and may even include other party members somehow.

Enemies in Bravely Default II combat can put a monkey wrench in your plans with Counters and Jammers, which are actually both forms of counterattack. Counters counter specific types of attacks, whereas Jammers counter specific types of other actions, like using an item. Strategy will involve tiptoeing around potential enemy counters.

Finally, if you want to grind to make your party stronger faster, you can engage in “consecutive battles” that reward greater amounts of Job Points for winning multiple battles in a row. Consecutive battles may occur when, after you touch one enemy on the field to start a battle, other enemies on the field approach you.

You’ll be able to see all of this for yourself in about three weeks.


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