Bravely Default II Final Demo comes to eShop w/ free Platinum Points

Bravely Default II Final Demo Nintendo Switch eShop Platinum Points free Square Enix promotion

Apparently, Nintendo thought 10:32 p.m. ET was the perfect time to broadcast that Square Enix has released the new Bravely Default II Final Demo on the Nintendo Switch eShop. As you might recall, Square Enix delayed the game to Feb. 26, 2021 in order to incorporate a deep abundance of feedback from players who had played the original Switch demo, including changes to difficulty and controls. It is pretty likely that Bravely Default II Final Demo will give players their first taste of those changes ahead of February. But more specifically, Nintendo says you will be experiencing “the vivid art, strategic battle system, and memorable music of the game’s first main chapter.” Even better, downloading the demo nets you 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points, automatically added within 30 days.

I never played the first demo due to lack of time, and in all honesty, I may not play this new demo either. However, if I get 100 Platinum Points for doing nothing, there’s a solid chance I’ll at least download Bravely Default II Final Demo anyway. It’s a terrific coordinated play on Nintendo and Square Enix’s part to get players interested in the game, and I’m fully in favor of it — because the world can never have too many JRPGs.


John Friscia
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