Bravely Default II delayed to February 2021, preorders open today

Bravely Default II delayed February 2021 Square Enix Nintendo Switch Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase

In classic Nintendo fashion, the company dropped a new Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase out of nowhere, the final Partner Showcase of the year. It brings loads of new details on upcoming games, but it also brings some bad news: Square Enix has delayed Bravely Default II to Feb. 26, 2021. However, the trailer tries not to bring much attention to the delay, instead focusing on all of the features and enticing story elements. Additionally, based on feedback collected from theĀ Bravely Default II demo that Square Enix released earlier this year, (Over 20,000 responses to the demo were collected.) there are changes being made to the difficulty and the controls.

The new trailer reiterates that you are playing as four new Heroes of Light guided by the crystals on the continent of Excillant. It also reiterates that, gosh, the stylized graphics are really pretty and Square Enix hasn’t eased up on the artistic flourishes. There’s no telling if the story will actually be good this time (a tragically tall ask of the company these days), but everything is looking quite strong on paper so far.

There’s much more big news like the Bravely Default II delay news where that came from in the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, so check back soon!


John Friscia
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