Bravely Default II announced for Nintendo Switch in 2020

Bravely Default II Square Enix Bravely Default 3

Never count out a Square Enix RPG! They always come back, like Michael Myers. At The Game Awards 2019, Square Enix revealed Bravely Default II for Nintendo Switch. It is evidently a different game from the second title in the series, which was titled Bravely Second. So in other words, this is kinda Bravely Default 3, except… it’s called Bravely Default II. Square Enix has been pulling these shenanigans on us since the 16-bit era.

The Bravely Default franchise first released from Square Enix and Silicon Studio in 2014 in North America, with the sequel arriving in North America in 2016. It carries a similar visual vibe to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light but innovated with its titular system of Bravely and Default. Indeed, stellar JRPG gameplay is a hallmark of the series, with the only major criticism coming toward its narrative, which is deemed weak. Regardless, there is plenty of reason to be excited for Bravely Default II (or… Bravely Default 3).

Another highlight of The Game Awards 2019 is the drop of a bonkers 5-minute No More Heroes 3 trailer that answers the question of, “What if E.T. were actually a homicidal maniac?” We also got new DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, bringing Cable, Iceman, Phoenix, announced to come this month.


John Friscia
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