Bravely Default Breaks 1 Million Units Sold

It has been revealed that Square-Enix’s Nintendo 3DS exclusive JRPG, Bravely Default is the latest title on the handheld to sell over one million copies worldwide.

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— ??????????? (@BDFF_OFFICIAL) July 28, 2014

The news was announced via the official Japanese Bravely Default Twitter account, based on a report by Dengeki Online. The title, which was released in Japan in October 2012 managed to sell 400,000 copies in the native homae land. Since it’s western release in both Europe in December 2013 and North America in February 2014, the title has managed to sell a further 600,000 copies. Quite a triumph considering how the JRPG genre had previously been considered to have slowed in popularity. It has previously been reported that 200,000 copies of the game were sold in North America in it’s first three weeks.

A 3DS exclusive sequel has been announced, called Bravely Second has been announced as in development for the Japanese market. Not much has yet been announced except that the story will take place in the same universe, several years after the events from the first game. Several of the same characters, such as fan-favorite Agnes are set to reappear. Square-Enix have yet to announce plans for a western release, but based on the first game’s sales they\’d be crazy not to localize the title.

Alejandro Balderas
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