PAX East 2020: Fight baddies and date your weapons in the bizarrely cool Boyfriend Dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon

Dating sims. Dungeon crawlers. Put them together, and you get the wonderful combination known as Boyfriend Dungeon. Revealed as a Switch title back in December 2019, this indie game lets your main character battle the forces of evil and romance their weapons at the same time. Well, weapons that turn into beautiful human beings.

Boyfriend Dungeon allows you to get to know your inventory intimately

I started my Boyfriend Dungeon session by choosing my protagonist’s name and how they wanted to present themselves. You can choose between male, female, or non-binary. Once I did so, I was free to traverse the map, which was presented in isometric view. I decided to go on a date at the club with the sexy talwar known as Sunder. He disappeared for a while and his lady friend, Mandy, danced with me, instead (I wanted to romance her but was sadly not given that option). She told me Sunder was a heartbreaker and I should steer clear. I was about to heed her advice but then Sunder came back and we busted a groove together, which caused him to level up.

Since I decided to tackle a mall dungeon next, I brought Sunder along with me to slice up some adversaries (bugs, robots, aliens, bats, etc.). What’s cool about Boyfriend Dungeon is any weapon you take into battle has its own combos, which are conveniently displayed on the side of the screen at all times. Also, your character has access to limited magic (fire) and health potions (bubble tea).

Boyfriend Dungeon

Going off the beaten path

As you explore a given labyrinth, your map opens up. In the mall, my goal was to investigate the origin of the evil threat by advancing through various floors. However, there were also side paths to check out. At times, these lead to chests that contained useful treasure (like a teddy bear I didn’t get a chance to gift to one of my suitors). Other options lead to quiet spots where you could chat with a weapon. I ended up at a fountain and talked to a dagger named Valeria. After a nice conversation, I dropped Sunder like a bad habit to hang with her.

Once my demo concluded due to an unfortunate death, I spent some time with Victoria Tran, Community Manager of Kitfox Games, to get more information on Boyfriend Dungeon. There will be up to seven romanceable blades, with one cat you can love platonically. The main character levels up by dispatching combatants, while your partners grow due to usage and dates together. Flirting and spending time with any prospect will not cause any jealousy or rifts among the others. And, best of all, there will not be a moment in the game where you have to make a decision to court one lover and shun the others forever. Poly passion for all!

Boyfriend Dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon is a mashup of two different genres that works exceedingly well. It’s a fun hack and slash that allows you to connect with your arms unlike any game ever made. If you ever thought something like Hatoful Boyfriend needed to combine with an adventure like Bastion, this is tailor-made for you.

You can find more details on the title on its website. The game will launch on Switch sometime this year.


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