On fire: Fan creates a Bowser’s Fury mod that envelops most of the world in lava

Bowser's Fury mod

Bowser’s Fury is a great time. Having recently obtained 100% completion on the expansion, I can safely say I think it should be used as the template for a future, seamless 3D Mario adventure. But with the journey conquered and my Super Mario 3D World playthrough almost at an end, I’m sad to have to begin the wait for the next big Mario game. Luckily, modder Amethsyt-szsYT has the solution to my predicament. She has created a mod for Bowser’s Fury that fills most of the title’s areas with molten hot lava.

As someone who finds Bowser’s Fury too easy, this mod is the cure for what ails me

If you want a tease for how this modification alters Bowser’s Fury‘s landscape, look at the YouTube video below:

Lava is an instant kill in Bowser’s Fury. Therefore, this adjustment is sure to make gamers pull their hair out in frustration. A lot of the Cat Shines are doable, it just takes a lot of acrobatics, item usage, and Bowser Jr. manipulation. However, some side effects of the lava, like keys getting destroyed, make only 86 of the 100 Cat Shines actually obtainable.

A hacked Switch is required to download this mod. It is possible to beat the game, as YouTuber ProsafiaGaming demonstrates:

Enthusiasts, what are your thoughts on this Bowser’s Fury mod? Do you enjoy fan hacks or prefer video games to remain unaltered? Let us know down below.

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