Bowser Takes a Quick Beating in Today’s Smash Bros. Update

Now that he’s been officially revealed for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, Sonic has been making a number of appearances in Masahiro Sakurai’s daily Miiverse updates on the game, including today’s screenshot which features Sonic delivering the last hit of his jab combo to Bowser’s jaw.

\”Pic of the day. Sonic’s standard attack is also known as PPK. He finishes off his move with a side kick.\”

This \”PPK\” is a pretty normal punch-punch-kick combo, which the last kick displayed in this screenshot. The last kick has substantial reach, possibly even more than its Brawl incarnation, and is joined by a fun, comic-book like effect, which seems to be a trend for this game. I personally love these little flairs added to attacks, footstools, and whatnot, makes the game look that much more lively and vivid!

Bowser, of course, isn\’t happy about eating a big ol\’ red shoe, but come on, Bowser! Shield or something! Bait the jab combo and pivot grab safely, it’s that easy! Oh well, I guess taking it to the face could work, too. If the hitstun in this game is anything like Brawl (crossing fingers that it’s not), Bowser may just be taking that hit knowing he\’ll get out of hitstun quicker than Sonic’s full jab combo animation ends.

Or it’s just two computers fighting and Sakurai took a cool picture. Whatever.

Dakota Lasky