Borderlands invades Fortnite with new crossover event

fortnite borderlands claptrap and psycho

Borderlands fever is kicking into full gear with the impending release of Borderlands 3. To celebrate the launch of the massive sequel to Gearbox’s iconic loot-shooter franchise, Fortnite is taking a trip to Pandora with a special crossover event in the latest version of the game.

Epic Games and 2K Games have announced the brand new “Fortnite x Mayhem” crossover event, which brings the worlds of Borderlands and Fortnite together – literally. Download version 10.20 of Fortnite and hop in to find a brand new rift zone on the island that resembles the iconic alien world Pandora. Players who enter this region will automatically don the iconic cel-shaded art style fromĀ Borderlands. Hang around long enough without taking damage, and you’ll even start generating a shield.

fortnite borderlands mayhem rewards

Outside of a new map addition, players can also find a slew of new Borderlands-themed items to customize themselves with. There’s a player skin themed after the iconic Psycho Bandit enemy from the Borderlands series, and a backbling that puts your favorite loud-mouthed yellow robot Claptrap on your back. You can even complete the look with a set of Psycho Buzz Axes. Players looking to get in on the fun without spending a dime can complete new Mayhem challenges to unlock a variety of sprays and weapon wraps based on Borderlands, too.

Fortnite version 10.20 is live now, along with the Fortnite x Mayhem crossover event. The event will last until Sept 10.


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