Borderlands, Bioshock, and XCOM 2 Switch physical editions have hefty downloads, of course

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Some of the more wild news out of today’s Direct came in the form of 2K’s big investment in the consoleXCOM 2, the Borderlands Legendary Collection, and Bioshock: The Collection are all landing on Switch on May 29. There’s a familiar caveat in play for those who plan on buying physical copies, however. No physical edition will actually cram every bit of content offered onto one cartridge. Instead, each title is set to require a sizeable download.

The Borderlands Legendary Collection does not even have a full game available. All but 6.6. GBs of Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition comes on the cartridge, and you’ll need to download another 35 GBs to get Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. That completely spends the Switch’s internal memory and then some.

XCOM 2, meanwhile, ships on an 8 GB cartridge like Borderlands. The cart will hold two initial missions, and you’ll have to download the rest.2K didn’t say how much data that amounts to, but they assured players that the total “will not exceed 24 GB.” (Are you comforted by that?)

Last but not least, Bioshock ships on a generous 16 GB cart, but an undisclosed chunk of content still has to be downloaded. Not quite as bad as what we’ve got going on with Borderlands, but still a disappointment.

How do you feel about all of this? If you planned on grabbing the titles physically, does this change your plans? Personally, I was most interested in jumping into Borderlands 2, but I’m pretty put off by these download sizes. If I end up with space on my microSD card, I’ll consider it, but otherwise, these games just slipped down my priority list. I’m not down with them hogging all of the space on my Switch.


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