Borderlands 3 has a gun based on Super Mario’s Fire Flower

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 might not be available on Switch, but that did not stop it from putting in a Mario-themed easter egg. The Compressing Superball, one of the game’s many, many guns, blitzes enemies with a barrage of armor-melting fireballs that bounce in a rather familiar pattern. Get a look at the fearsome incinerating potential of the weapon in the video below, courtesy of the GameSpot Gameplay YouTube channel.

The Compressing Superball is just a few degrees more brutal than its flowery Mario Bros. counterpart, but that’s probably for the best. The delightful sidescrolling Super Mario Bros. games we all know and love would not be anywhere near as charming if we had to watch every Koopa and Goomba struck by the flower spend a few seconds running back and forth in panicked, fiery agony before finally accepting their demise. Gently booping them out of existence was a much more friendly design choice by Nintendo.

This Fire Flower gun is a very cool homage to gaming’s most famous mascot, but I would have liked seeing Borderlands 3 push the envelope even further by giving us a shotgun that launched turtle shells, or an assault rifle that spammed more hammers than anyone could ever hope to contend with.

Nick Pearson
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