Let’s-a counterfeit: Toy owner apprehended for owning bootleg Mario and Pokémon merch


Nintendo is no stranger to merchandise. The company has lent its IP out to toy manufacturers over the years. However, sometimes certain individuals decide to take some liberties. As in, they create models of beloved characters without asking Nintendo for permission to do so. This is the case with one Wan Piao. The toy store owner was arrested for having bootleg wares in his import store.

I can hardly believe they are bootleg! They look so legit!

The LA County DA’s Office captured Piao in El Monte, California. He had more than $1.4 million in bootleg goods. This amounted to over 500,000 toys, ranging from Mario to Pokémon to Hello Kitty. He collected over $500,000 in profit. Piao is facing seven felony counts for his illegal activities.

Shame on Mr. Piao for misleading the public. Sure, gamers have a keen attention to detail and could spot these forgeries from a mile away. But young kids and unsuspecting adults probably saw these and thought they were the real deal. They don’t know Mario was never in a skateboarding video game. On drugs.

Enthusiasts, would you ever be fooled by these bootleg items? Do you think imitation skateboard Mario is a solid idea for a Switch title? Let us know in the comment field below.

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