Throw and return: Devolver Digital’s Boomerang X spins towards Switch this spring

Boomerang X

As Nintendo Enthusiast’s unofficial Devolver Digital fan, it is my duty to inform you all about the company’s upcoming projects. It just so happens the publisher announced its latest title, Boomerang X, is swinging onto Switch this spring. But what is Boomerang X? Luckily, Devolver and developer DANG! also put out a fresh gameplay trailer to show us what the game is all about.

I’m already sold on Boomerang X’s premise

Have a look at Boomerang X in all its glory below:

From what I can gather, you play as some sort of ninja in the first person and use a throwing star as a boomerang weapon. It also seems you can utilize the accessory to vault through the air. Throw in a slow-motion mechanic, lush environments, creepy enemies, and frantic gameplay, and it looks like Devolver has another winner on its hands.

Boomerang X
Is that a robotic dinosaur from Horizon Zero Dawn?

Seeing as how Devolver has a knack for publishing unique titles and DANG! is New York-based, there is little chance this indie can fail. Alright, I’m a bit biased, but you have to admit the game looks sweet.

Boomerang X

Enthusiasts, will you be on the lookout for Boomerang X this spring? Let us know if the video clip tickled your fancy in the comment section below.

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