Boomerang X release date set for July, offers first-person boomerangin’

Nintendo Switch PC Boomerang X release date July 8, 2021 Devolver Digital DANG!

Developer DANG! (quite a name) and publisher Devolver Digital have announced a July 8, 2021 release date for first-person boomerang-throwing game Boomerang X on Nintendo Switch and PC. Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker provided the following helpful comment about the game: “This is one boomerang you nerds can’t return.” Okay.

But to get more detailed, Boomerang X is an adventure where the titular item offers opportunities for travel in addition to combat. As DANG! and Devolver Digital explain: “Catapult yourself through the air, use the power drawn from fallen creatures to slow time and cut through the swarms of dark beings with your razor-edge boomerang. Travel through once bustling locales, sacrificed to hide a myth, and descend the Godpath into the lost realms below. Cleanse these halls and ensure that whatever lies beneath doesn’t come back.”

Boomerang X curiously was not part of the recent Devolver Digital showcase, though it did offer a couple other Nintendo Switch titles with Wizard with a Gun and physical exclusive Demon Throttle. Neither of those games involves throwing a boomerang though, so that’s something those other games will have to reckon with.

With a July release date set for Boomerang X, some Devolver enthusiasts will be quite happy, including our own Arthur Damian.

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