Bonito Days combines city pop, chill adventure, & Monkey Ball on Switch

Bonito Days release date trailer Nintendo Switch preorder Studio Somewhere city pop Monkey Target Ball

Remember city pop, the Japanese music genre from the ’80s that was all over YouTube a couple years ago? The folks over at Studio Somewhere thought it was a shame that there weren’t video games that featured these chill tunes and made their own. Bonito Days is an exploration game starring fish who can fly around more than 20 stages, looking for sweets and landing on targets, and it now has a release date of October 14, 2021 on Nintendo Switch, with preorders currently open. The game is a bit like NiGHTS into Dreams and the Monkey Target minigame from Super Monkey Ball. Have a look at the Bonito Days release date trailer below.

According to developer Cameron Shackleton (who also worked on Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Disney Infinity), “In the cold month of October we wanted to recall a little of that summer magic. Bonito Days combines our love for the smooth sounds of eighties Japanese pop music, the happy times we spent playing Monkey Target in Super Monkey Ball on Gamecube [sic], and the laid-back vibe of lazy summer days. We hope players will play Bonito Days to relax, to compete with friends and to extend their summer by just a few more weeks!”

The look reminds me a lot of the adorable, pastel-colored indies we’ve been seeing lately, like PHOGS and Islanders. However, the biggest selling point to me is the licensed and original city pop soundtrack, which you can check out samples from. While this playlist doesn’t have anything from Anri or Mariya Takeuchi (yet), the groove is definitely there, as well as a vibe that I can only describe as early 2000s Sega. If any of this seems up your alley, Bonito Days releases for $9.99 on October 14 for the Nintendo Switch.

Dominick Ashtear