Bon voyage: Spiritfarer’s final version, Farewell Edition, out now

Spiritfarer Farewell Edition

Today, Spiritfarer received its final update. And now that the game is complete, it is now known as Spiritfarer Farewell Edition. This version of the title packages all the free DLC updates together. In addition to this news, developer Thunder Lotus has announced the adventure has sold over 1 million copies. The devs also uploaded a great trailer showcasing everything the management simulator has to offer.

Spiritfarer Farewell Edition is the perfect version for anyone who hasn’t played the indie yet

Have a look at the comprehensive video compilation below:

This trailer is a great overview of the game. It has various accolades, showcases the gameplay mechanics, makes you cry with footage of spirits passing on, and explains how the Lily, Beverly, and Jackie & Daria Updates are all included with the base game at this point.

Here is what Creative Director, Nicolas Guérin, had to say about the Farewell Edition:

All good things must come to an end. And Spiritfarer has been especially good for Thunder Lotus!  For our work to be welcomed into the lives of so many people is especially gratifying, particularly given how much heart we tried to invest in the game. It was a challenging project, but telling these stories truly helped us grow as developers. We’d like to offer our heartfelt thanks to all our fans for their support and for helping us reach this special milestone!

Interested parties can buy Spiritfarer via the eShop here for a discounted price ($14.99, down from $29.99). The physical editions of the title will also have all updates included, and can be purchased here.

Enthusiasts, will you be procuring Spiritfarer Farewell Edition, either digitally or physically? Let us know below.

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