Bomb impact launches continue to evolve Breath of the Wild speedruns

Breath of the Wild bomb impact launch

A new technique is shaking up The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild speedruns, opening up some crazy new possibilities. The below video from LinkusSpeedrun describes this new technique, which has been dubbed the “bomb impact launch.” In a bomb impact launch, the player uses the momentum of an exploding bomb to propel a second bomb into Link, sending him flying at high velocity. The new technique was first demonstrated in a tweet by Satogashi020.

Breath of the Wild is still rife with new discoveries. Infinite jumps, catching fish, even riding the fishes… It feels like a new exploit is found every week. Bomb impact launches are similar to the classic Breath of the Wild speedrun techniques of stasis launches and the newer bullet-time bounces. Both techniques offer the same end result, which is usually Link finding himself covering vast stretches of airspace in an instant.

As explained in the video, though, there were drawbacks to those old techniques. Namely, more often than not, they were useless in certain environments or had long setup times. With this new trick, however, all Link needs are two bombs, and ideally the paraglider.

Bomb impact launches utilize a miscalculation of speed when Link enters bullet-time while wielding a bow. Essentially, we’d never have bomb impact launches without the bullet-time bounce. LinkusSpeedrun suggests that the new technique will offer big changes to 100% and other, more involved speedrun categories.

Breath of the Wild feels perfect for entry-level speedrunners, and this technique looks easy enough that anyone could do it. Why not try this out for yourselves?


Cody Morris
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