Bloomberg: Upgraded Nintendo Switch with ‘major games’ coming in 2021

2021 upgraded Nintendo Switch model Switch Pro Bloomberg major games lineup 4K screen

Following up on yesterday’s report from Economic Daily News that a new Nintendo Switch model will enter production this year to launch in 2021, Bloomberg is now essentially corroborating that report while adding several new details. Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki reports that an upgraded Nintendo Switch will launch next year, timed to align closely with “a slew of games from Nintendo itself and related outside studios.”

Nintendo’s strategy is apparently to allow Sony and Microsoft to reign in holiday 2020 with the anticipated launch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X respectively, and then it will bounce back with new hardware and software alike in 2021. This reported upgraded Nintendo Switch would not be a full-on successor like a “Switch 2,” but rather a mid-generation upgrade akin to a PlayStation 4 Pro. Nintendo is reportedly considering “more computing power and 4K high-definition graphics” for this hardware upgrade.

Before you scoff at the idea of an upgraded Nintendo Switch boasting 4K visuals, note that this isn’t even the first time the prospect has been seriously raised: Analyst Dr. Serkan Toto suggested this idea back in January. Granted, the fact that an idea is floated more than once doesn’t suddenly make it accurate, but it’s food for thought anyway.

The new games, meanwhile, are said to cater to a wide range of players, from the casual to the most hardcore. If accurate, one might wonder if the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild could be included in that bunch.

In any case, as we cautioned in yesterday’s article, it would behoove you to approach such reports with skepticism. There have been so many separate reports of a “Switch Pro” in the past couple years, and we don’t have anything to show for it yet. We do have Nintendo Switch Lite though, whenever it can stay in stock.


John Friscia
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